Top 10 Hottest Career Options After The COVID-19 Pandemic

If your dream job is one of these top ten hottest career options post-COVID, you’re more likely to enjoy good career growth in a fulfilling, high-paying job.

While many people in the travel and airlines industry find themselves unemployed after COVID-19, other industries are thriving. Careers in travel may not be a great choice right now, but there are many professions that are hotter than ever.

With the growth of technology and remote work, many people have started working remotely and the number of remote work options available has also increased. However, there are still many jobs which require you to be on location.

Your choice of career should be based on your aptitudes, interests, personality and concerns. Choosing the wrong job could result in failure and disappointment, so you need clarity of what sort of profession you want before picking a career path.

It’s good to have some information about what the hottest careers will be so you can assess the kind of career opportunities you have. If your dream job is one of these top ten hottest careers, you’re more likely to enjoy good career growth in a fulfilling, high-paying job.

Most individuals don’t view their skills, their qualifications and their experience as a factor in their job search. You can get free career counselling online if you need help to get clear on your qualifications, skills, aptitudes and previous experiences.

A career guidance professional may recommend career assessment tests or personality and aptitude tests to help you figure out which is the best job for you.

You should also check out remote work companies that provide remote work certification and training for remote work skills and remote work etiquette.

Among the many non-remote and remote job opportunities available today, here are a number of careers options that are in greater demand in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Mental Health Counselors

Mental health professionals are in great demand since the pandemic resulted in an epidemic of depression and anxiety. Women can access free online counselling helplines that help them deal with domestic violence and other related issues.

Counsellors help people deal with substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, stress management, boosting self-esteem and self-confidence, relationship counselling and other issues affecting their mental and emotional health.

2. Epidemiologists

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic the study of epidemiology is in the spotlight as it studies the spread and prevention of diseases. With pandemics likely to become more frequent, there will always be demand for good epidemiologists.

3. Biotechnologists

A career in biotechnology can be challenging and requires a lot of study and specialization but with new developments in biotechnology happening all the time, there is a great scope for individuals in this career.

Biotechnologists are also involved in the creation of vaccines, which are very important to prevent and treat future pandemics.

4. Online tutors

With the growth of homeschooling during the pandemic, online tutoring has taken off in a big way as it answers the needs of parents and students who need homework help over the internet.

Many former educators who turned to online tutoring to bolster their incomes now prefer home-based teaching in the wake of the pandemic.

5. Financial consultants

Financial consultants are doing very well today as the pandemic has made people aware of the importance of investing wisely and taking out life insurance policies.

Financial consultants help their clients choose the best insurance plans and advise them on investment options for security and personal financial growth.

6. Remote call centre agents

Remote call centre agent jobs will be in great demand as more people choose to work remotely. They are the best remote job choice for those with a passion for sales and customer support.

Remote customer service and lead-generation jobs are high-paying jobs suitable for those without a degree and can be done from anywhere in the world.

7. Software developers

Software development and computer programming is a huge area of growth and coding is one of the essential skills that everyone will need to learn in the future.

Some of the hottest jobs in software development are in machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, game development and cybersecurity.

8. Social media influencers

Becoming a social media influencer is an appealing career choice for teenagers and fresh graduates who are digital natives and enjoy being visible on social media networks.

Social media influencers create entertaining content, grow massive followings on YouTube and Instagram and earn through advertising, brand sponsorships, affiliate income or selling their own products and services.

Good knowledge of digital marketing and mastery of at least one social media platform is essential to become a social media influencer.

9. Writers & editors

The ability to write well stands out in the remote work culture. Writers and editors are in charge of a publication’s content, so impeccable grammar and an excellent command of language are required to be a writer or editor.

Knowledge of SEO copywriting is an advantage when creating content online. Good editors are always in demand and with the growth of Amazon KDP publishing and other self-publishing options, book editing is a lucrative career too.

10. Ecological engineers

Ecological engineers help mitigate the damage caused by pollution or climate change using environmental control technology.

This job is likely to be in great demand all over the world as environmental conditions worsen and pandemics become more frequent due to global warming.

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