Self-Publishing A Book: How To Become A Successful Self-Published Author

Dreaming of self-publishing a book? Here’s what you need to keep in mind before you join the ranks of the best-selling and successful self-published authors.

For many writers, being able to write without restrictions is a dream come true. Getting your message across is very important for a writer, especially those who need creative control, and it can be very difficult with a publisher and editor breathing down your neck.

The reason most writers cannot get their works published traditionally is that they did not fit the standards of traditional publishers. But, with Amazon self-publishing, you can publish almost anything.

That’s why of the best self-publishing companies for new or first-time authors is Amazon KDP publishing. In fact, Amazon self-publishing is the best way for new authors to self-publish a book.

When you publish a book on Kindle, you do not have to get any publisher’s approval and can publish anything you want on Amazon KDP as long as it meets all Amazon KDP guidelines.

The first process you must complete is writing the book itself. At the start of the writing process, you need to identify your target audience and write for them.

Once you’re done with your book and have got the manuscript edited and proofread by a professional editor, you can upload it using this Amazon self-publishing checklist.

Just make sure that what you have to publish is something really good. To be an effective writer, you have to understand your audience and know how to connect with them at an emotional level.

For self-publishers who are more interested in creating a personal brand with their books and not too concerned with book profits, it is still worth having a really good book on your hands. You can either write the entire book yourself or get a ghostwriter to do it for you.

Self-publishing is not easy, especially if you aim to make a living as a self-published author. You need to think of your book as a product and yourself as a seller or book marketer.

As always, the road to success is not paved and full of challenges. There are common obstacles faced by authors who take a shot at self-publishing, the primary one being not having the money to promote your book

With traditional publishing, the publisher shoulders all the costs and the author does not have to worry about it. But with self-publishing, the author must shoulder all the expenses, and authors can never be sure if they’ll be able to get a good return on their investment.

While Amazon self-publishing is free and no-frills, it takes more than uploading a self-published book on Amazon for it to become successful.

There are four stages of self-publishing a book:

#1. Writing, editing, and providing illustrations if required

#2. Getting an attractive book cover designed

#3. Preparing the manuscript for publishing

#4. Marketing, distributing and promoting the book

New authors have little idea of the cost to publish a book and promote it. Successful self-published authors understand that they need to invest in putting out a good product and promoting it in order to get a good return on their investment.

When self-publishing a book, you don’t want your self-published books to be seen as amateurish and of inferior quality. So you need to hire editors, cover artists to polish your book. You also need to build an author platform and run ad campaigns to promote your book.

Unlike Amazon self-publishing (which is free and no-frills) many self-publishing companies or vanity presses include additional book publishing and marketing services in their book publishing packages to give your self-published book an edge.

These may include:

· Copyrighting the book

· Editing and proofreading

· Getting an ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

· Getting an attractive book cover designed

· Creating promotional materials such as social media graphics

· Building your author website or landing page

· Creating a book launch and marketing strategy

· Getting expert book reviews before the launch

· Running an Amazon advertising campaign after launch

Despite all these monetary considerations, if you have the determination, the confidence, and the drive, you shouldn’t let such obstacles prevent you from self-publishing a book.

While it is good to be practical and realistic, you shouldn’t let anything or anyone hold you back from your dreams of becoming a self-published author.

If you want to get self-published on Amazon, these Amazon Kindle publishing tips will help you learn all about Amazon KDP publishing.

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