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Humans have colonized MARS for over 400 years and live in underground settlements.

In 2447, a Great Plague swept the Earth and the mutant virus, created by illegal genetic experiments, killed 90 per cent of humanity. Now just 1.5 billion humans inhabit the planet and many have robotic mates called Organics.

Astar Blackburn, the charismatic descendant of Martian explorer, Arden Blackburn, wants independence for Mars.

He collaborates with Dr Harvey Lathrop, the most brilliant scientist on Mars, to militarize the planet. They send Mara Murphy and her team of spies to establish sleeper cells on Earth.

But will the corrupt Earth Council find out about their plan? Will the prophecy of the Oracle come true? And what secrets does Mars yet have to reveal to them?

If you love science-fiction novels about Mars and Martians, you’ll enjoy Book 1 of the sci-fi thriller, Mars Glow.

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