The best creatives are the ones who weave many disciplines — that we once thought of as separate careers — to find creative solutions and innovations that help us imagine and experience a different future.

To innovate and create new things often requires the ability to take inspiration from many different disciplines to come up with new and wonderful solutions to humanity’s problems.

Here are three creative types of people that will take humanity into the future:

1. The Artists

The artists include painters, storytellers, writers, poets, musicians, chefs, game developers, actors and movie makers — or anyone who take…

Are you looking for a way to turn your hobby into a money-making venture? Here are five fun interesting hobbies that can help you make good money from home.

There are many options available for those who want to turn their passion into a business and make money while having fun doing what they love. What better way to make money and enjoy it too?!

Here’s a list of five fun interesting hobbies that can help you make money from home:

1. Become a Photographer

Photography is a very popular hobby and a beautiful form of art. If you’ve noticed that people love the…

Freelance content writing jobs are in great demand as they allow you to work from home. Here’s how to find the best freelance content writing gigs.

Creating digital content is on the list of LinkedIn’s predictions for the hottest jobs of 2021. Digital content producers are in high demand in India, while the UAE has experienced 197% growth in the hiring of digital content freelancers over the past year.

If there’s a time to be a freelance content writer, it’s now. …

Need ways to cope with the lockdown? Find coping strategies to deal with issues such as relationship stress, keeping kids occupied and earning money from home.

With the possibility of the coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines being extended in some places, many women are experiencing high levels of stress and some are even experiencing domestic violence.

If there’s anything that will get us through this challenging period, it’s our resourcefulness, ability to cope and ask for help when we need it.

If you’re experiencing any type of domestic abuse at home, you should learn about the types of domestic abuse and…

Want to become a coach and start an online coaching practice? Learn how to become an ICF-accredited coach and start an online coaching business.

All of us can be experts in at least one area of expertise. The problem is just because we can be experts in those areas doesn’t necessarily mean that we will become successful coaches in those areas of expertise.

This is the mistake too many people make. They get all excited about the fact that they know their stuff. …

Domestic violence and COVID-19 have dealt a double whammy to women in India.

Get answers to your domestic violence questions and read inspiring domestic violence survivor stories.

Learn all about domestic violence in this domestic violence essay.

Domestic Violence Definition

The domestic violence Wikipedia definition is violence or other abuse in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation.

Also called intimate partner violence, it can take place in heterosexual or same-sex relationships, or between former spouses or partners.

However, if you take the broadest domestic violence definition it also includes violence against children, teenagers, parents, or the elderly.

There are many…

Online career counselling can be a great way for you to find the right career for you all from the convenience of your own home.

All women need to be financially independent and finding a career that can help them earn a regular income is one way to do that.

If you’re a homemaker or housewife who wants to find housewife jobs at home, this list of the best careers for housewives will help you find online jobs for housewives sitting at home.

If you just want side hustle ideas for extra cash or passive income, you can find online…

Are you a 45-year old female looking for a job? Here’s how you can start a brand new career over 40, even if you’ve never worked before.

Many women are forced to give up their career aspirations to stay home with their children in their 20s and 30s. Only once their kids are grown up and out of the house do they begin to remember their long-forgotten dreams.

Whether you’re a woman who wants to make a fresh new start or achieve your career dreams and goals, this article will show you how to do that.

The first thing you…

Looking for a job? Getting a job in a bad economy is not easy, but you can learn how to find a job fast with these job-hunting tips for job seekers.

Getting a job or choosing a profession is something every adult needs in order to provide for themselves and achieve financial independence.

Here are some tips to find a job fast even in a bad economy:

1. Look for freelance or remote jobs

Thanks to the growing acceptance of freelancing and gig work, you don’t even need a full-time job to make a living. …

If your dream job is one of these top ten hottest career options post-COVID, you’re more likely to enjoy good career growth in a fulfilling, high-paying job.

While many people in the travel and airlines industry find themselves unemployed after COVID-19, other industries are thriving. Careers in travel may not be a great choice right now, but there are many professions that are hotter than ever.

With the growth of technology and remote work, many people have started working remotely and the number of remote work options available has also increased. …

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