3 Creative Types That Will Take Humanity Into The Future

The best creatives are the ones who weave many disciplines — that we once thought of as separate careers — to find creative solutions and innovations that help us imagine and experience a different future.

To innovate and create new things often requires the ability to take inspiration from many different disciplines to come up with new and wonderful solutions to humanity’s problems.

Here are three creative types of people that will take humanity into the future:

1. The Artists

The artists include painters, storytellers, writers, poets, musicians, chefs, game developers, actors and movie makers — or anyone who take our senses of taste, sight, and sound on a journey beyond where we have travelled so far.

2. The Imagineers

Imagineering is the implementation of creative ideas in practical form. Coined by Alcoa Corporation and made famous by the Walt Disney Company to define creative engineering, an Imagineer is a person who devises and implements a new or highly imaginative concept or technology.

The Imagineers are the creative problem solvers. They include the visionaries, the scientists, the engineers, who help us engineer creative solutions to the problems facing humanity by changing the environment and conditions we live in.

From Leonardo Da Vinci, who lacked a formal education but drew his inspiration from the arts, science and technology, to Elon Musk, who combined his multi-disciplinary expertise to find solutions in the fields of software, energy, transportation, and aerospace.

And then there’s Bill Gates, who is known as much for his software skills as for authoring medical papers on pandemics.

3. The Mystics

The mystics include the energy healers, the shamans, the self-help and spiritual gurus and philosophers who help us tap into our collective consciousness to create a sense of peace and oneness. They help humanity tap into solutions from the inside out.

Because of our collective disenchantment and disillusionment with religious traditions, increasing mental health problems, and the disconnection we feel with the natural world, mystics are seeing a huge revival as we try once again to reconnect with the emotions and practices that make us feel whole.

The best part about these creative professions is that none of us is restricted to being just one of these. There are mystics who are artists and storytellers and right-brain dominated people who create art too.

What do you think about these creative types? Are there more you can think of? Do post in the comments below.

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